Feliciano will do anything to help someone, he feels useless when he can’t even do the slightest thing. Being called useless for so long is, in fact, causing him to work harder to prove them all wrong. This also causes him to take in compliments on a much more intimate level.

He loves showing affection, but that doesn’t mean he’s flirting with you.

He is very impressionable from those he is close to. He could even follow the advice of an absolute stranger.

Yes, he is not a depressed evil bastard. He is happy-go-lucky and caring. But he also is very sensitive.

He LOVES children. If he were a woman, the first thing he would do—and I mean FIRST THING—would be try and conceive.

He was of course, raised by Austria. Which lead him to be calmer and more mannerly than his elder brother. He feels it is upon him when his brother acts up.

He DOES get threatened and feels challenged when you hurt the ones he loves/cares for. He is not afraid to speak his mind or physically harm you if it gets too out of hand, but he hates violence also, so he tends to just keep away from weapons and the violence…

He lets things happen on their own, and is very laid back. Unless he doesn’t want to ruin something. Then he becomes quite the perfectionist.

Other’s pleasure and contentment comes before his, but not because he has low self-esteem or confidence. Well, he used to doubt himself a bit, but who doesn’t? 

He is very openly emotional and says it’s “not healthy to keep your feelings in”, so if he ever starts getting very emotional, it might be because he has something on his mind. He loves it when people try to help—he feels loved, and knows people care.

When it comes to romantic relationships, he gets clingy QUICKLY.

Being raised by Hungary led him to being one to not discriminate by gender.

As a child, he would be pressured to be “better”, more mannerly, and “proper” than his brother.